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Southwest Oregon smoke outlook

We're seeing smoke Tuesday in Southwest Oregon near the Slater and Devil fires.

Here's the smoke outlook for Tuesday and Wednesday by Seth Morphis, the air resource advisor, assigned to the fires. 

Special Statement
Brace for impact! Although most of the forecast area will start the day with Good air quality, moderate to heavy smoke generated from active fires to the south, will return to the forecast area today.
The Slater and Devil fires remain active as crews continue to focus on line construction. More detailed information can be found at: Slater/Devil Fires Inciweb Information
Strong ridging will bring high temperatures and light, mainly terrain driven, surface winds today. Higher level transport winds will have a southerly component and will carry smoke from the very active fires to the south, northward into the forecast area starting this afternoon. Those in Happy Camp and the Seiad Valley will be the first to see smoke in the early afternoon and will likely see the heaviest concentrations as smoke pools in the Klamath this evening/overnight. Folks in the Illinois Valley, Applegate Valley, and Grants Pass can expect to see moderate to heavy smoke by early evening. Coastal communities will also experience moderate impact; however, light onshore flow should help. Models show some light improvement tomorrow; however, continued low wind speeds will likely result in stagnant conditions in interior valleys and the smoke that settles overnight will struggle to clear.