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Preparing for wildfire smoke season

Originally posted on DEQ’s Air, Land & Water blog . With a hot, dry summer forecast ahead of us, wildfire season has already begun in many counties across Oregon. As such, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has been working with a group of state agencies and regional organizations, including the National Weather Service , the Oregon Department of Forestry , the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency and the Oregon Health Authority’s Public Health Division , among many others, to prepare for busy months ahead. This includes reviewing the management and protocols for monitoring air quality and notifying the public of severe smoke events. It is crucial that the public also prepares for wildfire season, as heavy smoke can irritate eyes and lungs and worsen some medical conditions. Following DEQ’s Air Quality Index is the best way to understand current local conditions. It is a color-coded map that tracks air quality and provides health-based recommendations. The AQI is als