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Extreme Heat

There may be times where smoke and extreme heat occur at the same time, which creates new challenges. During smoke, you are trying to keep your windows and doors closed to keep the smoke out. But when it's hot out and you don't have air conditioning, you may want to open your windows to let in fresh, cooler air, especially at night. Air quality can remain unhealthy for a long time and prevent you from opening your windows to cool down your house. 

Read Oregon Health Authority's advice for staying safe during extreme heat, and has a program offering free air conditioners and air filters to people who qualify. 

You can also call 211info to find more resources near you by dialing 2-1-1 and talking to the operator. You can also go to their website and type 'extreme heat cooling centers' into the search bar with your zip code to find cooling centers near you.

Cities, counties and Tribes send out alerts that will let you know when an emergency is coming and what resources are available. Go to OR-Alert to sign up for your local alerts.