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9/8/15: Statewide Update for Oregon

Statewide, current air quality in Oregon is good. This is a nice respite from the poor air quality much of the state experienced at various times during the month of August. In recent days there have been no new large fires and only minimal growth on existing large fires. There is some concern the weather will continue to generally warm up and remain dry through the week; this could lead to elevated burning conditions over existing large fires. However, the encouraging news is that new large fire potential is low and no significant lightning is expected until possibly Sunday. Please continue to monitor this website and we will bring you new information about any wildfire smoke impacts as they develop.

9/8/15: Prairie City Air Quality update

9/3/15: Air Quality Report for NE Oregon and surrounding areas

Air Quality Report, Thursday   September 3, 2015 NE Oregon, SE Washington and W Central Idaho             Prepared by:   Greg Johnson, Air Resource Advisor, Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, Baker City OR Note:   This will be the last Air Quality Report for this region at this time A cool weather system has moved into the area, lowering temperatures to below normal levels, greatly increasing relative humidities, and creating a few showers.   Some locations had as much as four tenths of an inch of rain in the past 24 hours.   This weather system will linger over the area through Sunday, with showers possible any day, but especially over Idaho sections today and over the entire area Friday afternoon through Saturday night.   Winds will be moderate today, and then become a little less Friday through Sunday.   Fire activity on both the Grizzly Bear complex and Tepee Springs fires has decreased, and the weather should favor good fire management the next 4 d