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Smoke forecast for Sunday, Aug. 23

Smoke Forecast – Jackson, Klamath, Harney, and Deschutes Counties.

Beginning Sunday morning, air quality will begin to degrade in Jackson, Klamath, Lake, northern Harney, and southern Deschutes counties as winds will shift, bringing smoke from the California fires into these areas. Air quality is expected to degrade to a point where precautionary levels are advised, especially for smoke-sensitive individuals. Unfortunately, this will not bring relief to Grant, Harney, and Lake Counties, which have been experiencing smoke impacts for the past week.   

By Sunday evening the winds are expected to shift back again to the northeast, at which point air quality should start improving in these areas. However, with this evening wind shift, smoke from the fires in the central Cascades is expected to blow toward the southeast, bringing smoke from these fires into all parts of Deschutes County. Please plan accordingly.