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Resources for Residents Near Terwilliger Fire

Smoke from the Terwilliger Fire is expected to impact the community until the fire is out. For updated smoke information, please visit the following links. Smaller particulate sensors to measure pollution from wildfires and wood smoke have been placed by the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency (LRAPA) in the McKenzie Bridge area at the McKenzie High School and USFS Bunkhouse on Horse Creek.

If you have any questions regarding air quality in Lane County, please contact LRAPA 541-736-1056.

·         Lane Regional Air Protection Agency:
o   McKenzie Bridge area air sensors with real-time air quality index:
o   How to read the Air Quality Index:
o   Wildfire smoke updates:

·         Lane County Public Health
o   Wildfire smoke health information
o   Do-it-yourself air filter fan instructions

·        Oregon Department of Environmental Quality:
o   Staterwide air quality index map:
o   Find the same information above on your smart phone, download the OregonAir app to your phone

·         Oregon Department of Health:
o   Wildfire smoke health fact sheets and FAQ’s available
o   Public health guidance for school outdoor activities during wildfire events