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Clearing the Air Inside

When wildfire smoke lingers outside, it seems invariably to find its way inside too. Here are some suggestions on keeping the air in your home and car as clean as possible.

In Your Home

Shut it down: Keep your windows and doors tightly closed.

Get a filter: A high efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA) or electrostatic precipitator filter (ESP) can be a good investment for people who are sensitive to health effects of smoke because they help clean smoke particles out of your indoor air.

Air things out: Particularly if you don’t have an air filter, watch for the smoke to clear. During those times, open your doors and windows to “air out” your home.

Reduce indoor air pollution: Avoid lighting candles, vaping or smoking (tobacco, marijuana, or other products). Also, avoid using gas, propane, or wood-burning stoves. 

Postpone your chores: Vacuuming can stir up dust. Put it off as long as you can.

Vacuuming can stir up dust.

In Your Car

Roll ‘em up: Keep your windows up and vents closed 

Cool down: Use the car’s air conditioning if the air in the car gets too warm and set it to re-circulate.

Take a break: Learn whether there are cleaner air spaces along your travel route that you could use if you need them.

Listen to your doctor: If you have asthma or another respiratory condition, follow your disease management plan. Contact your health care provider with specific questions.

Keep indoor air clean: Avoid smoking. It might make you want to roll those windows down for fresh air, and that might be in short supply.

For more information on precautions you can take during wildfires, check out the Smoke and Health tab above.