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Wildfire Smoke Continues to Impact Air Quality in Jackson County

Mount McLoughlin is straight ahead even if you can't see it.

A colleague snapped this photo yesterday afternoon in Medford. Those familiar with the route will notice that Mount McLoughlin, which normally dominates the horizon, isn't visible. 

As expected, smoke from a number of wildfires in Southern Oregon continues to create unhealthy air quality in much of the Rogue Valley. Air quality readings in Medford and Ashland were unhealthy this morning while air quality was unhealthy for sensitive groups in Shady Cove. Smoke is expected to linger through the weekend at least. Air quality conditions can change rapidly so please check the Air Quality Index before you head out. You can also download the mobile app on your smart phone by searching for OregonAir.

Remember when air quality is unhealthy everyone may begin to experience some adverse health effects, and members of the sensitive groups may experience more serious effects.Those in sensitive groups include people with lung disease, older adults, children and pregnant women.

For more information on how to safeguard yourself or others click on the Smoke and Health tab. There you'll find resources like this great guide from the Centers for Disease Control on protecting yourself from wildfire smoke.

We'll continue to post updates and forecasts here as well.