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Protecting Your Pets From Wildfire Smoke

Sometimes it's best to leave Rufus indoors.

Fido and Fluffy are susceptible to wildfire smoke too. Smoke, ash and dust from wildfires affects pets, birds, horses, livestock and wildfire, according to the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association.
Its advice? For starters keep pets inside with the windows shut and avoid intense outdoor exercise.
They also recommend:
  • Pet birds need to remain indoors as much as possible during the highest level advisories.
  • Animals that have cardiovascular or respiratory disease are at increased risk during periods of poor air quality and should be watched closely.
  • Include animals in your care in planning for possible evacuation.
For more information on how to signs of smoke or dust irritation visit the association's webpage. The American Veterinary Association has some guidance on protecting livestock from wildfire smoke on its website.