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Dispatch from the Coast -- Florence on a Sunday Afternoon

Our forecaster is working on an updated air quality forecast as I write this. In the meantime, here's a look at Florence around 1 p.m. It's hazy here and we saw some haze on the drive up from Bandon this morning. Loads better than the conditions in many other parts of the state, but still seeing the impacts from wildfires here.

We're getting quite a few questions about what air quality is like on the coast as people prepare for Labor Day travel. A lot of these areas don't have air quality monitors -- those tend to be concentrated in more populous areas that generally have worse air quality. So here's a reminder to use the 5-3-1 visibility index when you can't access current air quality data.

Thanks again to all the commenters who are sharing information and asking questions. We know a lot of you are dealing with some pretty tough conditions right now. Remember to check here for updated air quality forecasts, fire-specific smoke forecasts and health guidance.