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Because You Asked: Safeguarding Yourself From Wildfire Smoke On The Road

A blog commenter recently asked how to protect yourself from smoke while traveling in a car. The Oregon Health Authority provided the following advice, which we thought might be useful for all those traveling over the next few days for the eclipse:

  • Keep your windows up. 
  • Use the car’s air conditioning if the air in the car gets too warm.
  • Close the car cabin’s air intake before driving into smoky areas if possible. 
  • Recirculate the air in the car when driving.
  • Learn whether there are smoke shelters along your travel route that you could use if you need them.
  • If you have asthma or another respiratory condition, follow your disease management plan. Contact your health care provider with specific questions.

The Centers for Disease Control has some great tips on keeping indoor air as clean as possible and avoiding activities that increase indoor air pollution.