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Safeguarding Your Health During Wildfires


Communities throughout Oregon are seeing unhealthy air quality as a number of active wildfires continue to kick up smoke. People with ongoing heart and lung conditions (including asthma), small children, and those 65 and over are at higher risk of health effects from wildfire smoke, but it makes sense for everyone to avoid heavy smoke.
·         Here are some reminders from the Oregon Health Authority on precautions you can take to safeguard your heath during wildfires:
  • When smoke is heavy for more than a day or two, folks in these sensitive groups should consider leaving the area until smoke decreases. 
  • Staying inside, particularly in a home or building with an effective air cleaner, can also decrease smoke exposure. 
  • Smoke often clears some time during the day. During clear periods, you can “air out” the heavy smoke. Do this by opening your doors and windows. “Airing out” your home or building will help you start with cleaner air inside when the smoke returns.
  • When smoke is heavy, it is best to avoid strenuous exercise outside.
  •  If you have to travel in a car through smoky conditions, there are ways to reduce smoke exposure. Keep the windows up, and close the air intake for the car’s cabin. Recirculate the air in the car. Use your car’s air conditioning if the air in the car gets too warm.
For more information check out the following resources:

And remember to check this blog for regular forecasts for specific wildfires and information on current air quality conditions throughout the state.