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DEQ issues air quality advisory for Salem

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
News Release

Release date:  Sept. 15, 2016

Salem, OR – Air quality in Salem is being adversely impacted by a fire at Brown’s Island Compost Facility and other fires in the area and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is urging residents in certain groups to take precautions.

Air quality readings for the last 24 hours at the Salem State Hospital monitor are yellow or moderate meaning air quality may pose a risk to those unusually sensitive to air pollution. Earlier in the day the 24-hour readings were orange or unhealthy for sensitive groups. When readings are orange, people with heart disease or lung disease, children and older adults should reduce prolonged or heavy outdoor exertion.

Although air quality in the Salem area is currently in the moderate range, conditions could change due to weather and changes in fire activity.

Visit the Air Quality Index for the latest one- and 24-hour air quality readings. To sign up for air quality alerts in your area visit AirNow’s Enviroflash.

High smoke levels can create health problems for even healthy people so remember to limit your exposure to smoke by keeping windows and doors closed, reducing the time you spend in smoky areas and avoiding strenuous outdoor activity. The elderly, children and those with respiratory diseases can be particularly vulnerable to the effects of smoke.

Visit the Oregon Smoke Blog for more information on air quality, along with tools to help you assess smoke levels in their area. The site is an effort by city, county, tribal, state and federal agencies to provide information for Oregon