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June 7, 2016

Wildfire Season is here! 

Are you ready to protect yourself from smoke?

Check out the links on the left from the Oregon Health Authority to learn about how smoke can affect your health and actions you can take to protect yourself from smoke.

Are you concerned about whether its safe or not for school children to be outside at recess or participate in outdoor sporting events or practices?  Check out the link on the left for Public Health Guidance for School Outdoor Activities During Wildfire Season.

Do you know what the air quality conditions are in your area?

Subscribe to Enviroflash Air Quality Alerts to receive air quality information for where you live, so you don't have to go searching for information.

Or, check out the Oregon DEQ Air Quality Map (top link on the left) to see state-wide information on air quality including 24-hour average and near real-time hourly information.

Check back here to find out information about severe smoke events from wildfires.