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State-wide 3 Day Smoke Forecast

August 25, 2015

Today, smoke is expected across Oregon from the southwest portion of the State to the northeast, as shown in the figure below.  The light pink indicates areas of moderate smoke, and the darker red indicate areas of heavier smoke. Much of the Oregon coast and Willamette Valley and the Columbia River Gorge, and southeastern Oregon are expected to have no smoke impacts, whereas the southwestern portion of Oregon and areas near and northeast of the fires are expecting the heaviest concentrations of smoke.  Please refer to the smoke forecasts posted on this blog for more detailed information for the areas near the fires.

24-Hour Average Conditions for Tuesday, August 25, 2015

On Wednesday, conditions are expected to improve for much of the state, particularly for central Oregon, but southwestern and northeastern Oregon will remain smoky.

24-Hour Average Conditions for Wednesday, August 26, 2015.

Thursday, light smoke is expected to return to Bend, but air quality is expected to improve in John Day.  Smoky conditions will remain in southwestern Oregon and in the northeastern portion of the State, as shown in the figure below.

24-Hour Average Conditions for Thursday August 27, 2015