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Oregon statewide smoke update for August 23

Here is a brief statewide update on the wildfire smoke impacts. Air quality levels in the Portland metro area and the Willamette Valley are continuing in the unhealthy range so far today. The wildfire smoke that was transported to the region by yesterday's east winds is likely not going to clear out of the region as quickly as was initially expected. The smoke will likely remain at unhealthy levels throughout most of the day. Winds are still expected to shift to more westerly direction this evening or overnight, eventually sending the smoke out of the region.

Please remember to check current air quality levels using the top link on the left side of this page to the DEQ Air Quality map. If you are trying to avoid the smoke, you can use this map to find regions reporting lower levels. Although not represented by any monitors on the map, the Oregon coast is in general being less impacted by the smoke. If you are in or headed to a region not represented by a monitor, the Visibility 5-3-1 Index can also be used, and that link is also on the left side of this page, just a bit further down.

Eastern and Northeastern Oregon continue to have widespread smoke impacts, and with some new fires having started, air quality will continue to remain unhealthy. Southwest Oregon likewise continues to have unhealthy air quality.  Please scroll down to find more comprehensive reports on those regions, and many thanks to our colleagues posting those reports and bringing you this valuable information. Finally, state and county health agencies also have links on the far left of this page and may have posted current information or advisories.