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8/7/2015 New monitoring sites in Ashland and Jacksonville

Two temporary air quality monitoring sites have been established in the towns of Ashland and Jacksonville and appear on the blog map above as colored triangles indicating the Air Quality Index warning category (you may need to zoom the map to pick out the Jacksonville site).

If you'd like to get more detail, real time values from the instruments can be found at the link below but it's a little tricky. When you're at the page, first either select the icon on the map and click through to the instrument you're interested in or scroll down and select an instrument from the list below the map. Ashland is "Smoke #216" and Jacksonville is "Smoke #215".

Below is an example of what you will see when you click on the link above and then select a monitoring site:

Below is an example of a graph of the real time readings from the temporary monitors. (The gap in data is from an unfortunate transmission problem.)  IMPORTANT: The time is in UTC or GMT not local Pacific Daylight Time. To get local time you need to subtract 7 hours. So for example the last reading on this instrument in Ashland was taken at 1800 which translates to 1100 when you subtract 7 to get local time or 11am if you prefer non-military time.

Use the box below (final column on the right) to get from the one hour readings on the temporary monitors to an Air Quality Index warning category.