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8/10/2015 Widespread smoke throughout areas of SW, W, and South Central Oregon

Wind conditions and active wildfires are linking up to result in fairly widespread smoke impacts in parts of Oregon today.  The Collier Butte, Stouts Creek, and National Creek Complex, plus numerous fires in northern California are sending smoke to the north/northeast this afternoon as expected. The distance the smoke is traveling was not entirely foreseen and Cottage Grove is experience levels that are Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups at the moment. Cable Crossing and Potter Mountain Complex fires, shown on the map below, are fairly small at this time but adding some smoke to the soup.

Active fires in SE Oregon:
Collier Butte
Cable Crossing
Stouts Creek
Potter Mountain Complex
National Creek Complex

The image below shows conditions at air quality monitors throughout western Oregon this afternoon with widespread, low level smoke impacts. Many sites are Moderate, and two are Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups - Cottage Grove and Klamath Falls. The gray outlines indicate the visual presence of smoke as seen on a satellite image. See the whole map at the link: 

Below is the satellite image from this afternoon. Bright white areas along the coast and in eastern Oregon are clouds. Smoke is a little darker and generally a little less dense.