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Infra-Red and Blue Sky modeling runs for the Onion Mountain fire dated 09/17/14.

Most of the heat is located on the west, north and east flanks of the Onion Mountain fire with the southern flank cooler.  There was no visible spotting on the north edge of the fire like there was last night with all spots having been incorporated into the fire perimeter. This fire is Intense with the remainder being scattered heat. 

This fire has grown 786 acres since yesterday. The estimated total acreages since the last IR flight are equal to 3,735 acres.

The above information shows today’s hourly PM2.5 readings for the Grants Pass area from Midnight Sept 17, 2014 to 5am Sept 17, 2014. AQI readings for the previous day categorized this area as “Unhealthy”. We forecast for this area to remain in the “Unhealthy” level.

The Southwest winds are pushing the projected smoke past Grants Pass OR today. But the smoke from the Happy Camp Complex is headed toward Grants Pass OR and Roseburg OR.

Blue Sky model predicts that the smoke will not affect the Grants Pass community. Let’s stay tuned for this to happen this evening.

Blue Sky model still predicts minimal smoke to occur from the Onion Mountain fire at Midnight, Sept 18, 2014.