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Sky Lakes Wilderness 790 Fire Update

Date:  August 28, 2014, 11:00 am


SOUTHWEST OR— Recent mapping of the 790 Fire has reported a total of 2,095 acres burned.  Crews continue their efforts on the eastern portions of the fire near the Pacific Crest Trail. 

Currently, a Type 3 Incident Management Team (Edwards) is managing the full fire suppression efforts.  Today a Type 2 Incident Management Team will be briefed regarding the current fire situation.  This Type 2 Incident Management Team is expected to assume management of the 790 Fire Friday, August 29, 2014.


The Pacific Crest Trail south of the Crater Lake National Park and north of State Highway 140 remain closed.  This trail closure recently was modified to address the recent fire activity.  The following trails were added to the previous trail closure: Nannie Creek Trail, Cherry Creek Trail and all trails which depart Cold Spring Trail Head.  For full closure details please refer to


Firefighting resources currently assigned to the suppression activities are 75 wildland firefighters, 12 rappellers, and 24 smokejumpers which are all supported by a 10-mule pack string and seven helicopters.


The Klamath Basin recently has been plagued with fire smoke issues.  Due to the jet stream flow of the recent days, the smoke experienced in the Klamath Basin is primarily from the wildland fires currently burning in California.  Ash deposits can be found anywhere heavy smoke can be seen. 


The 790 Fire is located in the Sky Lakes Wilderness with a primary southern edge located one mile south of Big Ben Creek and east to Snow Lakes.  The northern edge of the fire remains south of Finch Lake.  This 790 Fire resulted from the lightning activity that occurred July 31, 2014 and is located in an area difficult for crews to access safely.  The terrain is rugged and rocky with much blow down debris and standing snags, which prevent firefighters from safely and actively engaging with the fire perimeter.


As the Labor Day holiday approaches, firefighters asks recreationalists to be aware that the fire fuels continue to dry and fire danger remains High.  Please be aware of current restrictions and closures.


Contact: Scott Blower, Acting Public Affairs Specialist, 541.471.6745