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Air Quality Modeling Forecast Maps - August 12-14

Below are forecast maps from the experimental Blue Sky Modeling Framework and created by the AirFire research group at the US Forest Service Pacific Northwest Wildfire Research Group. 

These maps are best used to develop a relative sense of the dispersion pattern for the next few days based upon today's predicted wildfire activity and smoke dispersion.   The light red should be interpreted to be relatively less surface level smoke than the darker red.  The 24-hour average PM2.5 concentrations shown below are a surrogate for smoke.  The existing large fires are indicated by the icon shaped like flames.

Fires in Northern California are expected to continue to burn actively in the next couple of days.  Wind direction will push smoke into Oregon.  Medford and surrounding communities could see heaviest smoke impacts today and tomorrow.
 August 12 

August 13

August 14