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July 3, 2014 - Kipuka Fire - Deschutes County

A seven acre wildfire is burning approximately 3.5 miles ENE of Sunriver, in an island of Ponderosa Pine and down wood, surrounded by basalt rock (i.e,. lava) in the Newberry Monument.  According to the Central Oregon Fire Information (, the fire is burning at a low intensity.  Firefighters are on hand to monitor the progress of the fire and ensure that it continues to burn within the containment area to maximize resource benefits.  Smoke can be seen locally but is not currently being detected by satellite imagery.  Nonetheless, air quality is being monitored in Bend and an additional smoke monitor has been ordered from US Forest Service Pacific Northwest Fire Sciences Laboratory in Seattle and will be set up in Sunriver on Saturday to measure conditions at least through the holiday weekend.

Since yesterday, the air quality in downtown Bend remains in the "good" category.  A slight bump in concentrations were observed around midnight last night but quickly returned to background clean conditions.

Smoke Forecast for Sunriver:

Friday:  Light smoke may occur through the evening hours tonight, but is expected to be brief in duration, and should clear out by mid morning.   Clear the remainder of the day, but smoke may reoccur again briefly overnight.

Saturday:   Clear during the day, light smoke at night.

Sunday:   Light smoke during the day and night.

Smoke Forecast for Bend:

Friday: Light smoke late morning, then clearing.  Remaining clear until near midnight, then light smoke expected.

Saturday:  Light smoke overnight and lingering in the morning, clearing in the afternoon.

Sunday:  Light smoke overnight and throughout the day.  Clearing by 5 pm.